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1K A Day Fast Track is a training course designed to help complete newbies make money online. If you are interested in making money online but have no clue how to go about it, then this is the training course for you. The program takes 6 weeks, and each covering a module. Also, the information you will learn from the program revolves around using the website, which is 2-paged and contains yes-no questions to sell other people’s products. The items that you will sell are from ClickBank. Also, you will discover how to build your email subscribers in the process. Nonetheless, the method used here has been proved to be working for many affiliate marketers, therefore, it is nothing new.

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Interestingly, it has been applied by the author himself. The results? Well, he has managed to earn up to 8 figures annually. He, therefore, urges his users to use the exact steps in his course. Additionally, there are templates, and ads already provided. This means that you won’t need to spend time making your own. Moreover, there is some good news in store, you can get started with the 1K A Day Free Webinar which is highly recommended. In this article, We will review 1K A Day Fast Track. Keep reading to find out if you can use the course in your affiliate marketing.

What is 1k A Day Fast Track?

AuthorMerlin Holmes
ProductThe 1k A Day Fast Track System
Overall Rank4.8/5
Official websitehttps://learn.thefasttracks.com/
Price $997
Refund 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Niche Affiliate Marketing
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!

1K A Day Fast Track is a comprehensive affiliate marketing program designed to teach users how to earn thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing. The program takes six weeks and students learn all the necessary steps to succeed in this space including using successful templates and creating a mail system. Generally, the coursework involves tips on how to promote other people’s services and products on various affiliate networks like WarriorPlus and JVZoo and then earning a commission for your input.Even though this course is designed to be used over a six-week period, it is possible to finish all the coursework within a single day. Unlike other courses that tend to overcomplicate things, this particular affiliate marketing course is quite easy to understand as it involves copy and pasting the proven templates on your two-page product promotion website. Advert content and email swipe templates are provided here, which simplifies the learning process.

This training course is meant for folks who would like to make revenue without leaving the convenience of their house, those that are intending to begin their personal business, and for those that are actually hunting for methods to make money online or begin an online marketing organization.By attending this course, you can easily also discover just how to develop Facebook, funded adds, and see your suitable target market. This program fits a worker that invests additional opportunity behind the wheel driving to the office daily.

This is actually also optimal for homemakers, who may save a little of their time after their household jobs. Perfect for people or even retired people that are about to retire and gain an extra little bit of earnings. It is pointed out in the 1k a day, fast lane customer review, that it is actually the most ideal option for entrepreneurs that are looking for tested and easy methods to begin a new company that does not entail many risks. For workers that want to have added ways of profit through investing a couple of hours a full week online.

The Author of 1K A Day Fast Track System

Merlin Holmes is the author and the creator of this amazing program. Merlin is an affiliate marketer who promises that affiliate marketers can make more than 150 million dollars through affiliate marketing. He claims that personally he makes more than this amount through simple affiliate marketing tips shared in the program.

Merlin also claims that he had already tried to make money through other methods and failed. He was once a network marketer, an MLM member and a sales man and all in all didn’t make significant amount of money from these methods.

How does the 1K a Day Fast Track work?

According to the author, the program relies on affiliate marketing to earn the money. Firstly, affiliate marketing is a legit method of earning money. The method allows people to make money by promoting other people’s products through unique links known as affiliate links. When consumers click on your affiliate links to buy the product, the marketer will earn an affiliate commission through the links.

The author claims that this is his favorite method of earning money. He continues to explain that there are equally many other ways of doing this. You can build your own website and create content to promote the specific products by on-site advertisement or sharing your affiliate links. Besides owning a site, there are many other methods of earning commissions through affiliate marketing without having a website. Most affiliate marketers use YouTube marketing or social media marketing to advertise their affiliate products.

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However, the method that is taught by Merlin Holmes is as follows:

Step 1 – Find The Top Affiliate offers on Affiliate Networks & Use Their Sales Page to Create Your Ad Copy
To do this, you can go to an online marketplace like ClickBank and find what offers are getting the most of the sales, which means that their sales pages work very well.

And from their effective sales pages, you can take some photos or scripts to create you own banner ads.

Step 2 – Create a Compelling Poll That Would Make People Take a Small Action as Clicking on One of The Options
This step relies on the curiosity, interactive marketing and micro-commitment principles, which means that you need to make your potential customer interact with the ads you create even if it means clicking on one simple button that won’t make them pay money at the beginning.

This will make them feel more comfortable with your offer and might help make them buy what you promote later on.

For this step, you need to create a landing page using a paid tool like ClickFunnels in order to create the poll/question and add the options for them to choose from.

And when people click on one of the button to find the answer, they will find a pop-up where they are requested to enter their email address, so that you can build an email list to people in the space/market of the offer you are promoting.

Step 3 – They Enter Their Email Addresses & Get Redirected to The Offer You Are Promoting
After someone enters their email address, you now have their email in a list that you build using an email autoresponder like GetResponse, and the potential customer gets redirected automatically to the sales page of the offer you are promoting to them.

Step 4 – If They Buy The Product, You Make Money Immediately, and You Can Keep Promoting Other Products to Them Through Email
After they are redirected to the offer page, they might purchase the product you promoted and you would make a commission, and they might not buy it and you would make nothing.

However, either way, you have already collected their email address and you can keep promoting to them other products in the same industry that they might need, and you would make money on the long run.

And that’s exactly how the 1K A Day Fast Track System works.It basically works on using paid display ads, interactive landing pages and email automation in order to build an email list and promote affiliate offers.

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Course Timeline Reviewed

While the timeline shown below recommends a six-week program, most people can finish this course within a shorter time frame. That said, here is what to expect if you plan to take the 1K A Day Fast Track program for 6 Weeks.

Week 1: Introduction
During the first week, students get introduced to all the basic information about this program. This module features general information about affiliate marketing, including the business model, projections, how ClickBank works, and others. Students also learn about the necessary mindset required to succeed in this field.

Week 2: Setting up accounts
The second week features nine lessons that give straightforward instructions for setting up accounts, particularly setting up click funnel domains. Additionally, this step also involves polling, which is where you learn how to find trending and popular products and also how to create your marketing campaigns.

Week 3: Email set up
During the third week, students learn the necessary steps required for setting up a reliable email system. This module also contains useful information on how to link your emails to click funnels.

Week 4: Automation
Automation is a crucial foundation of this passive income course. This module contains information on using autoresponders to automate your affiliate marketing business while you work on bringing in targeted traffic.

Week 5: Native ad creation
Besides the traditional ad platforms such as Google and Facebook, Merlin Holmes teaches students about native ad creation to help drive targeted traffic into the funnels. RevContent is an excellent example of a native ad platform that can help you gain a targeted, high converting audience for your marketing campaigns.

Week 6: Future plans
Finally, during the last week users will learn by making future plans to scale the business. This is a critical section and it contains lots of helpful information for keen users.

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Who should buy this course?

This affiliate marketing program has already proven itself as an effective digital course by giving plenty of positive results to numerous subscribers. Some members have managed to earn thousands of dollars per day thanks to this program. It is perfect for:

  • Novice users who do not have previous knowledge of affiliate marketing
  • Expert digital marketers that are keen on automation and enhancing their passive incomes
  • Interested people that have unsuccessfully tried similar methods
  • All workers who want to get away from the traditional 9-5 jobs
  • People who are close to retiring or retirees
  • Employees who wish to create passive income while continuing with their current jobs


One of the key foundations of effective digital marketing is email marketing since it offers a very high ROI. Targeting your subscribers with appropriate offers can allow you to make lots of money passively. The course featured above contains an easy-to-follow guide on succeeding with email and affiliate marketing. The creator of this program, Merlin Holmes, is a highly skilled and experienced online marketer.

There are numerous success stories about this course, with many students successfully earning more than $1,000 per day. However, this amount can only be achieved through dedication, hard work, and applying all the information contained in this program. The best thing about the 1K A Day Fast Track program is that it is perfect for beginners. The methods used are easy to understand and they aren’t illegal or unethical. This is a legal way to earn passive income on ClickBank through affiliate marketing. The key here is to be patient and implement all the strategies and your daily profits will gradually move to that $1,000 target. In addition, you can always ask for a refund if you are unhappy with the results.

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