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Having all of your private documents and data in a laptop computer or a desktop computer than are usually used by other people certainly needs attention, actually they can easily be accessed and lead to depressing occasions. So, it’s smart to guard your individual documents and folders- and that’s without needing to spend lots of time or energy with this procedure. You just need a great application that can lock them to make them obtainable only to you- a tool for example Protected Folder. This program can prevent items from being viewed, utilized or altered simply by adding them to its list of locked files/folders.

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What’s IObit Protected Folder?

IObit Protected Folder is most trustworthy security password folder / file locker that safeguards user’s privateness and significant files from theft, loss or leaks.

Designed for the newbie user, IObit’s Protected Folder provides a easy solution to hiding folders and files from spy eyes, supported by highly user-friendly settings.

This kind of applications be a necessity if many people may easily access a personal computer system (without or with the user’s authorization), because personal information is defined at risk. This particular application features a fairly simple configurations set for securing folders and files by making them hidden.

This software could be tried 20 times before acquiring the complete version for $19.95 Or €14.49 (1-year registration). The setup procedure is completed very quickly. Nonetheless, customers ought to keep in mind that Protected Folder proposes to download and install third-party components that aren’t required for it to work effectively.

IObit Protected Folder 25% Special offer

A file and folder security application, that not only safeguards the privateness, but also avoids anybody from accessing your files, and efficiently avoids any virus against your documents.


Organization: IObit
Item: Protected Folder
Requirements: Microsoft Windows Xp or 2003 or higher, 300 MHz Processor, 256 Megabytes Memory, 30 MB drive space
Value: $19.95
More Information: IObit Offical Website

Outstanding capabilities

User friendly: There’s very minimal setup to perform, and ultizing the application is a click.
Works as Advertised: I put some effort to seeing if I can connect to the protected files, and I could not get in. I know a great deal of Microsoft windows administration, file systems, and so on. and I believe that Protected Folder may defend against nearly all attacks (booting from the Linux system live Compact disc might do the trick).

A good hiding place for the private data

Protected Folder is an easy, useful method to hide private files from prying on your pc. Protected Folder enables you to lock folders and files so they’re not just unavailable to other customers, but also keep hidden.

25% OFF — IObit Protected Folder

You’ll get 25% special offer on IObit protected folder. It’ll encrypt the folders and files along with a security password.

Bottom line

Protected Folder is definitely an software for locking personal files ideal for the typical user, because it doesn’t have any superior and sophisticated functions, and protects all sorts of folders and files effectively.

Protected Folder is free software designed to password-protect the files and documents from being viewed, read or altered. It really works being a security box, simply pull and drop the files or documents you would like to hide or protect to Security password Folder, after that no-one can see, read or change them. Whether you are worried about privacy, files theft, data loss, or data leaks, Password Folder is a perfect application for you.

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