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BigMIND Cloud Business  – Monthly – Click 25% Off1525% Off
BigMIND Cloud Business  – Three Years – Click 25% Off40525% Off
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G Cloud Android Storage – 1 Year – Click 25% Off36.2625% Off
Genie Backup Manager Home 9 – Click 25% Off39.9525% Off
Genie Backup Manager Home 9 – 3 Pack – Click 25% Off89.9525% Off
Genie Backup Manager Home 9 – 5 Pack – Click 25% Off14525% Off
Genie Backup Manager Professional 9 – Click 25% Off59.9525% Off
Genie Backup Manager Professional 9 – 3 Pack – Click 25% Off139.9525% Off
Genie Backup Manager Professional 9 – 5 Pack – Click 25% Off21525% Off
Genie Backup Manager Server Full 9 – Click 25% Off40025% Off
Genie Timeline Home 10 – Click 25% Off34.9525% Off
Genie Timeline Home 10 – 2 Pack – Click 25% Off54.9525% Off
Genie Timeline Home 10 – 5 Pack – Click 25% Off84.9525% Off
Genie Timeline Pro 10 – Click 25% Off54.9525% Off
Genie Timeline Pro 10 – 3 Pack – Click 25% Off79.9525% Off
Genie Timeline Pro 10 – 5 Pack – Click 25% Off129.9525% Off
Genie Timeline Server 10 – Click 25% Off22025% Off
Ultimate Backup Bundle Affiliate  – Click 25% Off39.9925% Off
Zoolz Business Cloud Backup Plan 1 Year – Click 25% Off39.925% Off
Terabyte Cloud Storage (1 TB) – Unlimited Users/Servers – Click 25% Off199.9925% Off
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Zoolz Mixed Plan – 1TB Storage  – Click 25% Off72.525% Off
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Zoolz Mixed Plan – 500GB Storage  – Click 25% Off36.525% Off

About Genie9

Genie9 was a globally renowned organization supplying commercially sized back-up systems for businesses and personal. Genie9 has gained lots of honours for their effortless data and disaster restoration programs where you can restore all kinds of data if there is unpredicted data loss. Take a look at Genie9 for a strategy to guaranteeing you won’t ever lose the most valued digital docs, photos, and songs. Save off the next order by applying one of the promotional codes from therightons.com list here.

What is Genie Back-up Manager Pro?

Genie Back-up Manager Professional is one of five superior solutions provided by Genie9, a commercial builder of back-up and cloud software programs founded in 2010 and located in the United kingdom. While its other items are intended for networks and hosts, Genie Back-up Manager Pro is created specifically being a back-up and disaster retrieval alternative for experts. It’s also perfect for medium and small companies because its target minimal RTO (Time To Recover Objective) guarantees continuity if there is problems.

Premium yet economical back-up options such as Genie Back-up Manager Pro will be an outstanding solution over free software offerings in many places. You won’t be restricted in functions and abilities and will also be supplied with several options. When using the Genie program, you’ve broad selections of capabilities, back up types, security tools, power saving modes, recovery/restoration options, back-up timetable configurations, back-up place choices, and much more. If you’re excited about backing important data, documents, and files, Genie Back-up Manager Professional is a strong but budget-friendly investment.

You could try Genie Time-line Home on for size with the trial offer edition, which does not force you to respond to an e-mail to receive the download hyperlink as Paragon Back-up & Recovery,$39.95 at Paragon Software program Party does, without credit card is needed. Simply down load and run the installer and then click Check and you are beneficial for Thirty days. In case you think it is worth plunking down cold money, the tag is really a reasonable $39.95 (Pay pal is conveniently accepted), a bit less than Acronis True Image 2016’s $49.99, but certainly more than Windows’ freely bundled Data Recovery function. The Genie application runs on Microsoft Windows is $139.99, based on the button you click to download it, only up to Microsoft windows 8 based on the specification page.

User interface and Configuring The First Back-up
If you install Timeline, the program produces a virtual disk accessibility called Time-line Explore in Data Explorer. Additionally, it offers right-click choices to the Microsoft windows Data Explorer entries that allow you to add the picked data for a back-up and start a timeline viewer showing you editions and erased data for the chosen data. This makes dealing with a person file’s prior edition simpler than Windows’ Data Recovery feature does. With Microsoft windows, you need to select a date for the whole back-up set and then burrow to the file’s directory.

By using Genie, you start out with one of the easiest interfaces around, a three-step job that is really touch-friendly. The initial order of commercial is to pick a drive-the drive to which the back-up could be saved, instead of the source of your data. After that, you see a four-by-three grid of roof tiles with choices for what you need backed up. These include the basics like e-mail, pictures, docs, movies, audio, etc. Every tile features a check tag to show its introduction with the back-up.

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The Advanced solution shows a timeline of back-ups, and features a search box. With the easy strategy, you will see Microsoft windows Data Explorer’s search box, however it only searches the latest folder; the Advanced view’s search turns up every file in the whole back-up which has the words you entered in the title. Windows’ built-in File History feature also helps you to search in the whole back-up set.

The Disaster Recovery feature is quite touchier, and you may be better off with Acronis True Image with this scores. After I down loaded the mandatory element, my web browser told me that it is electronic signature was incorrect or damaged, and Windows’ SmartScreen popped up an alert text when I tried to run its installer. I would had a poor experience with an earlier Genie disaster recovery disk creator previously, therefore I installed with trepidation, too. Luckily, the newer tool made a bootable Universal serial bus thumb drive without problems, and very fast. Note that if you are managing a Computer with UEFI safe boot, you will have to take some steps to allow starting from an outside USB.

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Bud Alcaide
Bud Alcaide
4 years ago

I have been applying other data recovery solution for many years. When Microsoft windows changed,I don’t how OneDrive works, I have got nothing but problems comes. OneDrive has been completely unreliable and I have been on the phone with support for hours and hours trying to find the best way to solve my problem.I am pleased now,Because I have a good backup solution (Genie9 back-up manager 9) that I can trust. It’s minimal influence on my computer, I do not know it is working (I’ve back-ups turned on to each Fifteen minutes). Many thanks,Genie9 for supplying a good solution at… Read more »

Marion Karstetter
Marion Karstetter
4 years ago

I have used Genie9 Back-up Manager Professional for several years for my laptop. I discovered , it really flexible to my personal changing pc conditions and user-friendly to use. When I’d any queries or problems. the tech support team were useful and without fail,settled the difficulty the first time.Then I finally had a problem where I lost the peer to peer laptop or computer with 4 drive partitions of important data due to a motherboard failure while in the busiest area of the year. The hard disks were aged SCSI drives that I had nursed along for several years therefore… Read more »